About Us

Welcome to Wild and Happy Designs. Thanks for checking us out!

My name is Kelly and I’m the owner of Wild and Happy Designs.  I have a background in medicine but have always been searching for a creative outlet in my personal life.  I finally found my calling after I became a mama to two amazing kids, Carter and Scarlett.  The two of them give me more inspiration in a day than I have received in my lifetime.  Although the name of the company describes both of my children, they each represent one name more than the other (Is it a surprise my youngest is the wild child?).  Their hearts, personalities, and daily adventures inspire all of the designs.  I believe that each child has their own personality that cannot be labeled with just one word, but instead is comprised of a multitude of traits and characteristics that make them unique. 

I hope that whatever amazing personality your kiddo has that you can find something that makes them shine and that the happiness, kindness and sense of adventure I want to be rooted in my kids is spread to yours as well through our designs.